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Charlie’s Club is the first members-only e-cigarette service to offer all hardware and related accessories completely free of charge. Similar to the popular razor blade and mobile phone business models, Charlie’s Club subsidizes the costs of the hardware for its members, delivering monthly refills based on a subscriber’s consumption preferences. When signing up, club members simply choose from one of three flexible membership packages and receive their orders directly to their door with no contracts or minimum terms:

·         Silver ($34.99/mo for 15 flavor caps) + shipping

·         Gold ($49.99/mo for 25 caps) – free shipping

·         Platinum ($69.99/mo for 50 caps) – free shipping

Membership levels differ based on how much you typically smoke, and are tailored for light, medium or heavy smokers. There are currently three flavors offered: Charlie’s Blue (tobacco), Charlie’s Green (menthol) and Charlie’s Choice (a unique, zesty blend). Non-nicotine versions of all flavors are also available. New members receive a free starter kit with their first order, that includes (2) two premium quality rechargeable e-cigs, (2) two Charlie’s Club USB chargers and (1) one Charlie's Club wall charger. Subscribers to the service need only pay the cost of their refills and are eligible for rewards points that can be put towards unique prizes.

Save More With Charlie`s Club!

With their sleek all black design, Charlie’s Club batteries and cartomizers also come with a tip that lights up red when you inhale, replicating the feel of an actual tobacco cigarette. Risk-free membership guarantees the cost-free replacement of any hardware that stops working; simply put in a request via phone or email and have any new parts shipped over for free.

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Finally a monthly e-cigarette membership! Free hardware! Never buy another battery again. Why are you still thinking about this? As an added bonus, if you use promo code #charliesentme you will get $10 off your monthly subscription!

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