Chilling Effects Of Smoking

Chilling Effects Of Smoking

I hope this sharing can help many who are facing smoking problems both actively and passive wise. I was worried about my mother’s health. Her constant smoking made her weak and gave a smoky odor to my house. This was so irritating that I had to keep my wedding dress at friend’s house. This bothered me, but not as when I was pregnant and couscous about my baby’s health. I was concerned about exposing my newborn with poisonous smoke of the cigarettes.

I right away knew that quitting smoking by my mother will only safeguard the health of the baby. I had to be firm with myself to tell her to quit smoking for sake of her grandchild. She really understood it well and consulted doctor for patches, gum, hypnotism, and others. But none of these helped to get rid of smoking as she was addicted to it.

Before two weeks she had performed internet research on electronic cigarettes. She was certain about the price and ordered a starter kit. They were delivered, and looked similar to the ordinary cigarettes. But one can buy them in different selection and taste.

After reading the information provided in the kit I found the difference between electronic cigarette and traditional cigarette lies in the purified nicotine liquid. This helps in controlling the thousands of harmful substances that are prevalent in the traditional cigarette.

The other advantage of the electronic cigarette is it doesn’t emit carbon monoxide smoke into the air. The given out by the cigarette resembles a vapor that quickly scatters into air. So this will get rid of passive smoking problems. In fact these cigarettes are allowed in bars, planes, restaurants and other public places. These tweaked cigarettes don’t give rise to yellow teeth, odors on clothes, hair, furnishings and other belongings.

The great advantage is the electronic nature associated with them. These cigarettes so have no chance of burning down the house when you fall asleep. Electronic cigarette is a life saver for my mother. It has helped in every way. My baby and mother both are safe by ill effects of smoking. She looks healthier and energetic than before and is enjoying with her granddaughter. House now stays clean without any sought of irritable odor. She is healthier, happy and shares that she feels better living her life this way. For me Electronic cigarettes are the best invention ever made.