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If you have a look at the current market being a smoker, you can see many electronic cigarette brands from various companies mentioning themselves as one of the 'Best Electronic Cigarette'. But one thing to keep in mind is that every brand as got their own pros and cons whereas some of them has less and some have more. So, when you are on a hunt for electronic cigarette you need to double sure on your requirement to find the best possible choice. According to my opinion it is a better way to stick on to the popular choice of the people to initiate your smokeless journey. With the intention of helping you to find the best one, listed below are some of the reviews of popular brands in the current market.

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Top Electronic Cigarettes Details

V2 Cigs Review

Nowadays V2 Cigs are available everywhere over the internet because it is considered to be the best brand. The starter kit of V2 Cigs are the two-piece design which delivers a huge quantity of vapor with great flavors and as well with several accessories.

Green Smoke Review

One of the well-known brands in the electronic cigarette market is Green smoke brand and they lead the top chart in United States. In the year 2008 it was the first time when Green smoke came up with their unique design which had got 2 pieces and thus changed the trend in electronic cigarette market

South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke has marked strongly its position when compared to other new e-cig company establishments which are cropping up. Nowadays it is making a remarkable progress by implementing some of the strategies such as coupons, new rebates and promotional activities.

EverSmoke Review

Among the new brands, Eversmoke is also one of them to hit the e-cig market. So far, in online all the feedback about this product is really great. By seeing to their positive reviews I decided to try for myself. After I ordered, I got my kit with cleanly packaged manner. I really surprised when I got my kit because of its tight package.

Vapor Couture Review

As soon as you heard about the Couture, the e-cigarette does not come to your mind but it is what the Vapor Couture – a cigarette with new design and style. The manufacturers have targeted on the women population and they like it very much undoubtedly. It makes them feel like as if they are some movie stars with thin jewel tipped.

Charlie Club Review

Charlie’s Club is a new e-cig club that offers monthly subscription packages so you’ll never run out of cartomizers again. They offer three different memberships based on how much you typically smoke. Each month, a new supply of cartomizers are delivered directly to your door, meaning you never have to go online or in stores to buy refills, Charlie’s Club takes care of everything for you.

White Cloud Review

Many of them speak negatively about the White Cloud e-Cig but according to me there is nothing to complain about the product. The most lovable thing is that the design of the electronic cigarette, how they have done. I feel very happy in puffing on it.

Goodejuice Review

100% USA Lab Made eLiquid

There is so much to see at Goodejuice that you might as well plan on staying for awhile. The problem is you will want it all, and you will be able to afford it. Goodejuice prices are so good, you will think something is got to be wrong. But there isn't!

VaporZone Reviews

VaporZone is a really great company, offering a radically large selection of vaporizers and gear, with super high quality and great prices. We were very excited to try out this brand’s Pro model, and will tell you up front, they are really worth the money.

Blu Cigs Review

Blu cigs has seen tremendous exposure in the market as it is available at an affordable cost. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette that will not empty your pocket and your bank account then Blu cigs are the better choice. By investing $69.95 one can get a complete kit of this cigarette.

Bull Smoke Review

When I heard first time about Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes from many online sites I personally felt that I needed to create a correct review on them. By hearing to people saying about the flavours I decided to buy one of the city Slicker kits.

Final thoughts

According to the idiom "You will get for what you pay" electronic cigarettes also gives a greater benefits for your health if you get one. Most of the companies offer a 30 days money back guarantee and also gives a full time customer services. So, if you have any issues or queries regarding your product, you can always reach them out for better solutions. So, make sure you get a better brand so that you can enjoy all these benefits from them. Try to avoid the old Chinese brands which will havoc your health in a less span of time. At E-cig reviews we have provided a complete review of some of the best products in the market today. So, if you are planning to get one electronic cigarette, we strongly recommend you to have a sight at them before starting your hunt for the brand.
Even though there are some personal favourites for us, we consider our visitors with top priority and have reviewed the best in the market. Have a safe and happy smokeless smoking!

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