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ecig review by LornaFor the smoker who is looking to save a buck, Eluma Electronic Cigarettes are a great option.  You can get the Eluma starter kit, called the EPack, for just $79.99.  This includes 2 batteries, 4 refills, and a great little pack that lets you take your electronic cigarettes anywhere.  It looks similar to a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes and some users have compared it to the Blu recharge pack because it also allows you to charge your batteries on the go.  The Eluma starter kit comes with 25 cartridges and you can choose from any flavor or nicotine level you like.

If you want to save a few bucks, you can try the Eluma Simple Starter Kit for only $29.99.  It includes the e-cig, a charger, and 10 cartridges in the nicotine strength and flavor you select.  If you are a new e-cig user, this is a great way to try it out without spending a fortune on your first kit.

When you buy Eluma refill cartridges, they come in cartons of 25 refills for $25.00.  Each cartridge is $1 and lasts as long as one pack of tobacco cigarettes.  Eluma is one of the cheapest ways to smoke and the technology is still top of the line.  You can get many of their items on sale through the Eluma website and sometimes they even offer a $10 discount on the starter kit.  You will enjoy significant savings when you buy refills in bulk from Eluma.  You can choose from 4 nicotine strengths and 6 flavors that will keep you using e cigarettes.

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