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When it comes to the quality of that product, it is extremely high. Everything makes me to feel good including batteries, cartomizers and chargers are also well designed and well produced and overall built is solid. When it comes to the usage it fits comfort on your hands and makes us to feel confident that won't slip from hands. Few manufactures produce such a worst products that you don't even feel like using once if they break, but when it comes to Bull smoke its worth.

As I know the company is located in Florida and the main thing is they only deliver with USPS priority mail and FedEx overnight and there are no other options. I personally feel that it would be nice to see some more shipping options here.


Bull smoke started giving competition to the other brands by making more traditional tough guy look and high-tech vibe. Because of this good quality it is competing with other brands irrelevantly. This shows the dedication and long term vision for their company and brand. By looking at the tagline 'More Vapour, No Bull', one will come to know everything about them. Basically they are very good at creating catchy taglines, strong logos and simple, clean design that makes attractive.

The website of this Bull smoke is more attractive so that everyone will impress at their first sight only because of their clean and uncluttered design and it's really easy to find everything about this product when compare with others out here. The logo of Bull smoke with the smoke coming of its nostrils gives nice touch.

When I talk about the starter kit they follow the same catchy 'no bull' on a simple cardboard box with all the flavours placed equally in its own space inside the foam. And this container is totally disposable so that it will be good for people who concerned about the environment.

Overall we can say that they’ve done great job of branding and design with bull head logo on the boxes, batteries and chargers. Many people prefer this brand as there is a very attractive logo upfront which will give them a trendy look.


When it comes to the expectations of the vapor by looking at their slogan, they didn't let me down. The cartridge gave a constant flow of vapor once the battery is completely warmed up. The vapor itself makes us to feel great because of its flavor and nicotine hits well. The nicotine level is high when compared to any other brands I’ve tried.

The added advantage to this company is their battery technology. As the batteries plays very important role in this electronic cigarettes, these batteries are best in the industry right now and because of this half the battle won right there.

The batteries design looks quite realistic because of that white ones with grey circles around it and batteries are super-efficient. And the weight of this electronic cigarette is same as real cigarette so that we feel like holding a real cigarette. The batteries will last long for 7 hours minimum which is higher than many of their competitors offer. It is really easy to puff to get decent vapor. Minimum 5 full puffs are enough to work up a decent amount of vapor then cartomizer will be going nicely. Throughout the life of the battery the flavor managed to stay consistent and the throat hit is very good and not too overpowering. 16mg nicotine level is commonly preferred by most of people.

Because of this low voltage batteries the e-cigs produce good vapors once the battery started getting low they pretty much die on you. Because of this low voltage, so they would never keep up with a tank system.

The battery thread type used in this is KR808D-1 and in my kit I only got only white version. They are 3.6V that is nothing fancy, they do a great job. It works best when used with long, slow draws.

The Kentucky battery is known for its long lasting life. Those who like tasty vapor clouds that fill up an entire room they can try this Kentucky battery. It performs like no other battery I've ever tried.

The big part of Bull is nothing but the customer reward program. This comes under the biggest advantage and allows you to order their products online and get reward points immediately. Once you have an account you are eligible for 10% back on all your purchase as well as earning points for every dollar you spend with them. These can be later redeemed for more products. They also run many promotions and sometimes anything you buy gives you double points making it that much easier to save money. Bull Smoke has put so much of effort into their customer service and rewards program that they seem to have the highest customer retention rates in the entire industry. First when I decided to test their customer service with a few e-mails and phone calls, I found them nothing but courteous, helpful and genuine which is a really nice breath of fresh air. Not only are they are super friendly, but everyone I came into contact with was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of their products and services and never had to put me through to a specialist. They simply answered my question on the spot. Even complex ones about their technology and threading were handled with ease.


There are only two options available when you buy from bull smoke: A kit with tobacco flavors or a sampler kit with 10 different flavors. They both are same price and the rest of the components remain same. They offer only two different kits: First one being the Ranch Hand and the other being the City Slicker. These two are aimed at very different types of smokers. These electronic cigarettes are two-piece models and this makes them easier to use as well as being a much more efficient product. Their batteries are white and have an orange LED at the end to simulate a burning effect. The batteries are automatic so you don’t need to push any buttons to gets it going, you can just inhale. These Ranch Hand kit comes with 10 cartridges, a wall adapter, USB charger, and owner’s manual as well as 2 rechargeable batteries. You also get access to all their different tobacco blends and a wide selection of strengths. This lets you try all the different options and then just place orders for the ones you like the most. I found them all really nice but of course I had my favourites. Mine came with 3 flavors: Texas Tobacco, Old West and Ranger. They each have a very unique flavor profile and suit different tastes. I also got the coffee flavor which is incredible. The other 2 flavors I liked were Texas Tobacco and Ranger. The theme is catchy i.e. flavors is not too over the top. They get the job done well and that’s it. Texas tobacco makes you feel like you’re back in the old West while Ranger is slightly sweeter and feels like it would be good next to the fire with some old friends. For each flavor cartridge they have a different look which makes them easy to identify. In this mainly five different nicotine level options available from 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and finally 0mg for those that no longer crave the nicotine but still like the motion of smoking. I like the fact they went a step above most of the brands with the 24mg since some are smoking filter-less cigarettes or just like a very strong smoke in general. Buckshot is nothing but the disposable cigarettes. This is similar in strength to their American Ranger since its 18mg strong. The price of these kits sells for $74.95 but they offer 10% cash back refund if you are enrolled in their rewards program. They offer the industry standard 30-day money-back guarantee on all their products as well.


Bull smoke have 10 flavors in total such as Old West which is a Virginia tobacco style, Texas Tobacco which is a more Western flavored tobacco, Ranger is very similar to Marlboro and then there are the standards like vanilla, chocolate, grape, menthol, cherry, coffee and apple. Four different batteries are available based on different colour and five variations being manual, automatic, short, long and traditional. The available colours are white, black, silver and orange.


It is not one of the biggest companies in this industry right now but they will be definitely in an upcoming days. Their customer service is unbelievable and the whole attitude of the company is very laid-back. Because this is a new company in the industry, it’s only natural that people are going to have many questions, so companies that want to be successful and stick around better have great customer service like Bull Smoke. I personally liked the kit and while they are a little more expensive than the rest of the competition, they do have a lot of different coloured batteries, great flavors and decent vapor production. If you’re looking for a brand that delivers unparalleled customer service, a very good customer rewards program and an overall laid-back attitude, Bull Smoke is definitely the brand for you.

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