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You don't have to quit with Electronic Cigarettes $49.99
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There is so much to see at Goodejuice that you might as well plan on staying for awhile. The problem is you will want it all, and you will be able to afford it. Goodejuice prices are so good, you will think something is got to be wrong. But there isn't! For an example you can pick up a genuine Joye 510 starter kit for under $40.00 dollars. That's right, you did read this right. Under forty bucks, and that's with the two batteries, two atomizers, cartridges, and charger.

Goodejuice sells the DSE601 HV epipe, and the DSE601, and the ecigar too at a very competitive price. $69 bucks, ($59 bucks for the DSE 601 epipe). $39.99 for the DSE701 ecigar starter kit.

We also had the privilege of trying some of their Goodejuice House Brewed E-Juice. We vaped their GJ4 Tobacco, Natural Perique Tobacco, and Vita Bella Tobacco eJuice. I don't know what is in Vita Bella, but it is fantastic! Their GJ4 Tobacco ejuice, you have to try, especially if you are looking for that one juice that tastes just like an analog cigarette. GJ4 is it. Their natural Perique is Naturally Extracted 100% Perique Tobacco from St. James Parish, Louisiana, and a perfect blend that is like no other. (See The Juice Bar) I vaped almost all of the Vita Bella within two days, that's how good it is. The flavor is so unique. It is just a little bit sweet with a great tobacco blend. I don't know what the sweetness is, but man is it good! Goodejuice as you would expect from their name, carries a ton of ejuice of in every variety. But their House Brewed is getting around to rave reviews.

Discover the worlds largest selection of electronic cigarettes. also carries a new product that is a No tobacco chew. A herb blend and spices with no tobacco, so if you chew, or know someone who does, check these out. We had it tested by a person who chews and he liked both the flavors he tried, and couldn't tell if they had tobacco or not.

They also carry a ton of ecig accessories, epipes and cigars, cleromizers, tanks, shields, DIY flavor extracts, cases, charges, lanyards, PCC's, atomizers, cartomizers, batteries, drip tips, disposables, and more. Now you see what I mean about spending some time there. But it will be time well spent. They also have a blog and many, many great articles on electronic cigarettes.
But, you don't have to take our word for it. Click their banner and visit Goodejuice and see what we mean.

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