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Being the first manufacturers to come up with unique 2 piece design in the year 2008 they have attracted the people’s interest all over the world and have maintained the same quality till today which has helped them to dominate the market all through the days. The design invented by them will provide a very good vapor with unique flavor. Since it was easy to use and maintain, it got spread across the world in no time and became an all-time best choice of the smokers. With increased sales of the electronic cigarettes they reached the top of the chart in no time.

Better business Bureau has rated the Green Smoke as B+ which will indicate that this brand will be in the business for some more time in the future. While arguing which is the best brand in electronic cigarette, many will consider the personal preference and in general most of the people love to have menthol flavor. In this aspect Green Smoke has got a best ever flavor in menthol and nobody in the market are capable of beating them in this flavor. When coming to the cost of the Green smoke most of the people will raise their eye brows. This is because since they were the first to introduce the two piece design the cost was more and many people liked it. But today the tow piece design has become very common and when coming to the quality of the smoke, other brands like V2 Cigs and Bull Smoke are giving them a harder time in the market. The unique flavor is what the smokers like and it is available in the other brands for lesser cost. Even though the cost of the product is high they have been able to sustain in the today’s market as they have a very unique menthol flavor. The quality of the product is very high which will last for longer duration. They will be very happy to give you a service at any time over call or door steps. Because of all these types of service they have justified their presence with a higher cost. To provide the below review I had ordered the Pro Kit from Green Smoke so that I will be able to test batteries of both the types. Soon after the three days of my request the product was in my hand which was packed with high quality.


The design of the Green Smoke cigarette is what makes them appealing. They decided not to go similar to the traditional look of tobacco cigarette and madea 2 piece design.They look very realistic and unique. The other unique feature in the design in the green tip which is recognition for their brand but also gave the smokers to showcase that they are not smoking the normal cigarette. This helped the smokers to be on the safer side from the outsiders who will shoo if you are smoking the tobacco cigarette. Along with the cigarette design they also come up with 8 attractive designs for batteries to be fairer with the personalities. Some of the batteries have old 50’s style which will give a vintage look and some with plain green color look which had ‘I love Green Smoke’ design on it.

In Use

The batteries added in the cigarette are very reliable and this will take a very less time to wake up. Soon after you plugin with all the accessories it is ready to take a puff. When you take a drag there will not be any smoke which will cause trouble to the outsiders. During inhale, there will be a light at the tip of the cigarette which will stand as an indicator and when the battery is running low this light will flash continuously to indicate the user to charge. There are two different sizes of batteries available in Green Smoke cigarette. If you smoke a lot, it is better to get a larger one. The small batteries are really very good which will provide the vapor based on how you inhale. But in larger batteries users have to inhale hard whereas the same quantity of vapor will be produced. The flavor of tobacco in the Green Smoke cigarette is very strong as it is enriched with Red label which is my all-time favorite. The smooth smoke with multi layers of flavor is the main secrete behind that. According to my opinion below are some of the best flavors. Based on the American cigarettes like Marlboro and Winston, Red Label has been modeled with rich attractive flavor. With the blend of North American flavor Tobacco Gold has been made which will give punch similar to the cigar tobacco. Menthol Ice flavor is very much similar to Newport menthol and for those who does not like to have a real tobacco flavor there are other unique flavors like Vanilla Dream, Smooth Chocolate and Mocha Mist. I don’t prefer to have such kind of flavors as they will make me feel like consuming a sweet-stuff and instead I love to have a traditional tobacco flavor and sometimes I will prefer to go or coffee flavor. The strength of the nicotine in these electronic cigarette flavors vary from 0% to 2.4%.


There are wide ranges of kits in Green smoke and it is really helpful for those who are starting and also for regular smokers.

Pro Kit: This is a flagship kit from Green Smoke which will come with a large rechargeable battery, small battery, cartomizers of 2 quantity, USB charger, cigarettes, wall adapter, car adapter, manual for users and a membership card. The cost of this kit was $99.97.

Ultimate Kit: This kit is more expensive compared to the previous one but it includes 3 batteries. There will be 2 cartridge packets, USB cigarette, wall adapter, case for carrying, 2 USB chargers, member ship card and a manual and the total cost of this is $159.99.

Express Kit: This is a very much affordable kit as it comes with minimum accessories. There will be a rechargeable battery which can be short or long based on your choice, one cartridge pack, USB cigarette, USB charger, wall adapter, member ship card and a user manual which will cost $89.99.

Disposables: For those people who do not want to worry about charging of the cigarette, then this kit is very handy. There will be 6 cigarettes of menthol flavor which will have 1.8% of nicotine. The kit will cost of about $59.99.

Love birds kit: For couples this is the best choice as there will be 2 kits in a single pack. Most of the accessories are of double quantity but the cost is $219.99.

For any kit users can get 30 days of money back guarantee and a year of warranty. This shows their commitment in the customer happiness.

One disadvantage of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes is that there will be no portable charging cases which are common in most of the other brands.


Undoubtedly Green Smoke is one of the best electronic cigarette brands in the market. The quality of the build, unique flavor offered andvolume of the vapor is outstanding. The packaging and the service for the customers are of very high quality and thus one has to bare the high cost. Also they won’t provide portable charging case as of other but still they are the top contenders in the market.

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18 Reviews

  1. Green smoke was the first electric cigarette I tried back in 2010 and it was great. I read loads of reviews and it always came out as the most positive e-cig available. I’ve since quit smoking all together thanks to its help and I’m only back on the site to find try and find an e-cig as a gift for my daughter…think I’ll stick with GS.

  2. I’ve used green smoke for nearly 3 years now, I had a problem with a battery (which was replaced under warranty) about 18 months, but other than that it’s been great. I was just wondering if anyone on the site has tried the new cartridges and if they felt they were worth the extra money?

  3. Greensmoke is ok but a little on the expensive side…excellent quality though, just wish they were a little cheaper!

  4. @BrianMilesLA I’ll be honest, I was a bit of a cheapskate when I first bought an e-cig. I heard GS were great from a friend but went with a cheaper brand instead. It was rubbish and I didn’t try electronic cigs again for over a year. I tried someones GS at a party, invested the money in a proper ecig and have been happy ever since. Only wish I hadn’t wasted money on a cheap cig and a years’ worth of parliaments!

  5. So it’s just ben a couple days but so far GS has amazing vapor and good throat hit. No complaints so far.

  6. Green Smoke is the first e-cig I’ve used that actually satisfies my nicotine craving. The battery life is also long lasting and I like the flavors.

  7. Husband and wife team here… we’ve been smokers for 30 years and NEVER wanted to quit until we watched a friend die from lung cancer. We started looking at different options and decided the e-cig was out best bet. We’ve tried a few different brands but Green Smoke is our favorite. We will never go back to tobacco cigs again. One bit of feedback – I wish Green Smoke had more flavors. Other than that, totally satisfied!

  8. Very pleased with quality of the GreenSmoke cig. LOVE the flavors and cartridges seem to last longer than other brands. I do wish there were more juicing options, but overall quality wins the race and I continue using GreenSmoke. It’s just a good deal for the money (and I’m not complaining about the price). Overall, 4 stars. Would recommend to friends and family (and I do.)

  9. A little bit pricey, but it’s worth it for the top quality. Don’t hesitate on this one. Green Smoke is worth it!

  10. I love Green Smoke’s tobacco flavor. It’s the best I’ve ever tried and really tastes like a regular cigarette. I can’t stand the e-cigs that have inconsistent vapor, but Green Smoke has good flavor, consistent vapor, and it’s really full and rich. All that to say, I love Green Smoke. It’s the best!

  11. I have been tobacco free for a full year now!! Woohoo! I’m SOOO excited that I found Green Smoke. I had tried 3 other brands and hated them all. I thought they tasted like burning plastic and was just about to give up when I found Green Smoke. It is nothing like the others. It has really good taste – especially the Red Label Tobacco. It is so close to those Marlboro Reds I loved for years. Vapor is consistent and lingers a little, which I like. It feels more realistic. My only “con” is that it takes awhile to charge the battery. But Green Smoke made it where you can charge it while you vape with the USB charger. So that basically eliminates the problem. So all things considered, this is a top notch ecig.

  12. Great taste!! Would not trade 4 n.e.thing. I won’t go back to regular cigs. Love my Green Smoke!!!

  13. It’s been a month since I started using Green Smoke and it’s been a good 30 days. Green Smoke does get rid of my nicotine cravings (or satisfieds them, I guess). I did go through the cartomizers a little fast. I think I am smoking it more than I did regular cigs because I can use it in the house. However, the weird thing is that even with using it more often, I am coughing less. I realy can breathe better.

    A couple weeks ago, I had some cartomizers that weren’t consistent so I emailed GreenSmoke about it. They sent me a free pack, which worked great. I thought their customer service was really nice about the whole thing and I haven’t had any problems since.

  14. I bought my first e cig about 3 weeks ago and it was a 3 piece, had to mess about about refilling it with e liquid and cleaning the atomizer, then came across Green Smoke and have been delighted with it, no mesing about with cleaning or refilling it and the vapour exhalled is brilliant, beat e cig out there and don’t even want or need to look at another normal cig.

  15. Here’s the skinny on my GreenSmoke experience. Battery lasted all day (the long one) which was perfect for work. The shorter battery only made it about 6 hours. I ordered a 3 pack of extra batteries ($69 – pretty reasonable) to have in addition to the 3 that came in my starter kit. Now I always have plenty of them on hand. Overall, I’m really happy with GreenSmoke and tell all my friends to try it. No complaints!

  16. 1week-cigarette free! Tried 2other brands- not into drops and filling cartridges, and the flashy pack was nice, but the batteries didn’t last and the quality and taste poor. You get what you pay for and Green Smoke is worth the price. Good taste, nice vapor, consistent quality, well balanced and long lasting batteries. I plan on signing up for the automatic refills-one less item on my to do list. Quitting is stressful enough, but Green Smoke has definitely made the transition smoother! My only problem was one day at home I mislaid it and spent a bit of time searching for it. So, I washed all my ashtrays, put them back where they were, and put my e- cig in them. No more playing lost and found:)

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