Growing Up With Smoke

Growing Up With Smoke

Cigarette smoke never left me free. The days after I was born until now I have been living with cigarette smoke. My mother, and relatives smoked and lately my sister started smoking. Not to leave me in the list. I too was naturally caught into it. I was not worried about the cigarette smoking until the government started posting warnings on the cigarette packs. It was done just like the nutritional value information posted on the foods and other products. This always kept alarming to me about the effects of cigarette smoking.

During the routine checkup a spot on the lungs was detected. I was skeptical about it being the cause of my cigarette smoking. Scared about the results I asked doctor for suggestion and he prescribed the electronic cigarettes. I was in frame of mind that these cigarettes are available only through internet. But my friend mentioned the availability at the convenience store for $20.

When I was at the checkout paying $20 on electronic cigarette I thought the cost of the cigarette is lot lesser than the regular cigarette that costs $10 for pack every day. After using the electronic cigarette I was amazed the way it replaced the daily cigarette pack. Now I feel less craving and healthy after using the electronic cigarettes.

Am so inspired I have suggested it to many of my friends. They are also happy using it. After using as a replacement to the conventional cigarette am lot healthier and pity for the people who smoke regular ones and have odor on them. I have realized how stupid I was when inserting all the harmful chemicals in my body. Smoking a regular cigarette is always self suicide. I am thankful to the doctor who recommended these amazing life changing electronic cigarettes. I am devoted to convert tobacco filled cigarette smokers into electronic cigarette smokers.

I feel satisfied and amazed when people share their appreciation and gratefulness after using the electronic cigarettes. Quitting smoking is hard but there exists a smart way to make it harmless. If everyone gets knowledge about electronic cigarettes use them we can have a lot more healthier country.