My Smoking Story

My Smoking Story

When I started smoking I was young and this continued for so many years. During the first couple of years it was not bad and I was cool and hip. But after a few years the effects of daily smoking started to give out their side effects on me. I used to get a shorter breath more easily and I need to clear my throat very often. My energy level came down and I found difficulty in smoking. The true fact is the cost to smoke was more when compared to put gas in my car.

I am really not sure about how I avoided smoking but I did not encounter the serious complications of smoking like emphysema, lung cancer or any such side effects which you will get from the continual smoking. My doctor used to suggest me constantly that I should quit smoking and about two years ago he has given me the information about electronic cigarettes. I was a little bit worried about the possible side effects and they were looking interesting but the thing is I had already switched to the later brands and tried to quit smoking on my own. I tried with patch and gums but nothing worked out. At this time I was not sure anything would work to quit my habit of smoking.

Looking to the information I saw, it was very much similar to the traditional smoking and would have the effect of nicotine without a harmful tar, and on the end they will be having an electronic light. I thought this would work with me. I did a little research and found that few companies are offering the starter kit which seemed reasonable for me. I got and electronics cigarette, inhaler and some juice for under $50. I did not know it was having different flavors. This option was not found in the traditional smoking and I felt it is something new.

I was very excited so I unpacked the box and I assembled everything and took my first puff. I immediately got coughing. I was expecting it would take like a cigarette but it was actually not. It smelled nice and the vapors were having a nice odor which didn’t linger and invade the room.

I used it continuously for the couple of weeks and I was enjoying more than the traditional cigarette. I enjoyed the vaping but to be frank I decided to have a regular cigarette than this. I purposefully lit the one and took a puff. It was amazing. Since from that day I dint even touch the traditional cigarette and I have seen a lot of improvement in my health, my sense of smell and taste got changed and improved. I simply can recommend enough to anyone who are on the fence about whether to switch.