Premium E Cigs Cartridge Reviews

Premium E Cigs Cartridge Reviews
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The fact that so many reviews always focus on the electronic cigarette as a whole has always bugged me. I get that the battery is kind of an important feature, but let’s face it. It’s possible to work around a battery that has a short life, all you have to do is make sure that you have a couple of spares and that you keep them charged. To me the most important feature of an e cigarette is the cartridge. A bad cartridge makes it impossible to enjoy the electronic cigarette. As far as cartridges go, I have not found any that I like as well as the Premium e-cigs cartridge.

The Premium company is not content making a single type of electronic cigarette and for each variety that they make, they have a separate cartridge. The Premium Cig that I use is the pocket kit and I can honestly say that one of the things that makes is to wonderful is the cartridge. I get about the same number of puffs from my Premium cartridge as I do a pack of cigarettes, but since each cartridge only costs $2.50 I am spending a lot less money.

The cartridge that I favor is the 11mg Mal-boro flavor. In addition to that option there are also 4 other levels of nicotine to choose from, starting with the 24mg, and a total of twenty flavors. In addition to being very easy to put together, the Premium cartridge produces a very satisfying cloud of vapor that gives me just the right amount of nicotine when I most need it.