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Premium E Cigarettes are the best choice for the customers as they provide a best catering. The care taken for their customers are of high quality and thus they have provided a variety of products for the customers with different types of starter kits. You can choose the best one from the list based on the requirement.

The recently released electronic cigarette includes sleek and customdesigned two batteries. When it comes to looks and styles this kit is a best in their categories to meet the current trend and hence you can carry it to any place without any hesitation. Some of the premium electronic cigarettes also come with different color varieties so that it can meet requirement of any kind of people.

Even though they have given more interest for the design thus providing a unique look with various colors, one cannot think that they cost more in general. They have also given their interest in providing the electronic cigarettes for an affordable cost to meet the requirement of any category people. Even the customised kit from the premium E cigarettes is available at $109.95 which is very much appreciated. When coming to the starter kits, they are available at a very less cost starting from $49.95 which is called as PR110. This is considered the best among the starters kit available in the market. The starter kit and the customized kit differ from each other based on the availability of batteries. There is also a disposable cigarette which is called as PremiumOne which will cost around $14.99 and it is the best choice if you are trying to test the brand.

The refill kits for PR110 and PR111 kits can be refilled with the same cartridge which is an added advantage. The cost of the cartridges pack which contains 5 numbers will be available for $12.50. In that case the cost of each cartridge is $2.50 which is more affordable and also they will last for a long time compared to a pack of tobacco cigarette. The cartridges are available at unique flavors where there 18 different flavors with 5 nicotine strengths.

All the kits and the complete details of them are available in their official website. If you are willing to check out a kit with different range of cost, then Premium E Cigarette is a best option. Just take a time and try out these kits and have a healthy life.

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  1. I’ve tried several different brands- Premium has the best price and best service of all those. Refills are sent within a few days of ordering, their batteries are reliable and covered with a one year warranty. What more could you ask for.

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