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It is not that easy to review an electric cigarettein the current market as there are numerous products in the market with various features which have established their roots firmly in the market with quality service. These cigarettes are well designed and supported with unique flavors to give a complete satisfaction for smokers. If a smoker tries to shop online for an electronic cigarette it is very hard for them to find the better one. So, we are providing the review of Pure Cigs with all its features. With the availability of various products there is a very big competition for Pure Cigs. When I first began to start reviewing the cigarette I compared it to star brands like Green Smoke and Safe Cigs. In that aspect this cig is not of that quality but comparatively for the cost, this is a very nice cigarette which can satisfy any customers with good flavors.

The main plus point with the pure cigarette is that these cigarettes are available at affordable costs where it’s cartridges are available for just $2.50 for individual piece which is almost equivalent for 20 normal tobacco cigarettes. I do not like the density of the vapour produced by Pure Cigs but the flavour produced by it is of very high quality as the same flavour will be maintained from the first puff to last puff.

The other unique property of Pure Cigs is that they come up with different LCD lights. These colors are very attractive and a smoker can find a perfect choice for them based on their personality and choice. These colors give a trendy and unique look for the smokers. Also pure cigs will not create any harm for the people and are very echo friendly and thus one can smoke at any public places.

At the first usage I was very much impressed with the quality of the cigarette. I felt very natural when I was holding the cigarette in my hand. I hope this brand will be in the market for long time as they are of best quality for affordable cost.

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7 Reviews

  1. I bought pure cigs because I’m shallow and it looked great! It wasn’t until the day after I thought to myself, what if it’s not as good as it looks? However my fears were soon put to bed as they’re awesome. The charging pack is great as I only work in my office for about 2 hours a day, so I’m out and about the rest of the time. Strangers are always coming up to me and asking what it is, and it’s a great conversational piece. It’s also saving me like loads of money! Like $100 a month of what I was spending on smokes.

  2. I got mine 3 weeks ago and I’ve been really impressed. It’s very good value for money. Not had a normal cigarette in a week now!

  3. I saw PureCigs on “The Doctors” one afternoon while I was rocking my baby to sleep. I had been trying to quit smoking since my little boy was born and just couldn’t. I had constant guilt as a mom. I TRUST “The Doctors” so when they had a woman actually use the PureCigs and they passed one around the table too, I knew it was a safe alternative. I ordered mine and have been using it ever since. No more tobacco for me!!!

  4. I’ve got to admit – I bought the PureCig just because it was on TV. Travis Stork actually tried it on “The Doctors” and I have a massive crush on him. I am a smoker and always feel bad when they talk about how bad smoking is on this show. So then they do the special on ecigs and Travis actually USED THE ECIG right on stage. I was like, “I gotta have one NOW.” I ordered it and was actually surprised at how good it tasted. It’s not too different from regular smoking except I cough less and it’s cheaper. Thanks TRAVIS STORK and thanks PureCig. You are my two loves… haha!

  5. Good vapor, cartridges didn’t last quite as long as I hoped, but still seemed to be okay. I like the taste enough to give up tobacco quickly. No more old cigs for me. I’m a pure cigs purist now.

  6. Love it!! It’s the prettiest e-cig I’ve ever seen and it lasts all day while I’m at work. 5Stars!

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