Researching E-Cigs

Researching E-Cigs

On the day when I decided that I was going to try out the electronic cigarettes, I myself did a lot of research about it on the internet. This was just my own personal findings but while doing so I found one site which offered a free trial and I just signed up for the offer. I thought I should do a little review for you here. For the Prado starter kit free trial I just signed up. When my package arrived, it consists of 10 nicotine cartridges in the flavor strength of my choice, a rechargeable lithium battery, a stainless steel atomizer, a traditional USB charger and a quick start manual to go through. The free trial offered was for 14 days and if in case I was not happy with the trial pack I should everything and cancel the trial.

One thing I need to mention when you are signing up for a free trial, you will be automatically enrolled in refill plan. It means that every month they will send you 20 refill cartridges for about $60 and shipping charge of $10 which amounts approximately $70 as a monthly total. It is not so important where you choose to start up your electronic cigarette experience but make sure while signing up you should all the details about it.

What I thought was this is great to use the free trial so I immediately took an opportunity to try this electronic cigarette. I was fairly skeptical but the directions given in the trial kit were followed by me and my assembled apparently all the right parts in a right place. I was really amazed when I tried my first drag in the electronic cigarette because it was as same as smoking a regular cigarette.

Now you don’t try to imagine a wrong thing because I have heard people trying their electronic cigarette will be instantly converted into traditional cigarette but this did not happen in my case. Yes, I really enjoyed the first time but still I had the craving, although it was less than a usual for the regular cigarette.

The reason may be because the free trail which I chose to start was not the right cigarette or strength for me. There is one more possibility which may be because I was addicted to a regular cigarette so it took more time than a few people to get converted on to the electronic cigarettes.

It was just a proof to say everyone is different. And when someone takes the right to electronic cigarettes and others may take longer. Of all the people the thing I came know is that use the electronic cigarettes and say we all have converted over and usage of traditional cigarettes will be no more.