Restaurants And E-Cigarettes

My Smoking Story

Have you ever heard about the electronic cigarettes? Yes! You read it right; the electronic cigarettes are served in many of the top end restaurants. Until I found one, even I had never heard anything as unique as this one. A few days ago when I visited a non smoking restaurant to have dinner, to my surprise I noticed someone just a couple of tables over mine was using a cigarette. Wait! I think it just looked like a cigarette. The honest waiter in that restaurant informed me that this electronic cigarette is acceptable in many of the areas where smoking is allowed.

This is a great invention I believe as it can help many of the chain smokers, who are trying really hard to quit smoking but have never succeeded at least a half a dozen of my own people would get benefit from this. Most importantly I wanted to inform my son about this before he could actually ruin his life.

I became very much curious about this new electronic product and went to do a research online. The electronic cigarette or it is also called a personal vaporizer is an inhaler meant to substitute for tobacco smoking. It’s been around since 1995 but came to limelight only in the last few years. However, there is no clinical proof to say that electronic cigarettes are healthier than the tobacco cigarettes. But some of the online reviews do say that the electronic cigarettes use nicotine or just some flavoured liquid solution.

When a person inhales a tobacco cigarette, it leaves a solid residue or a mist inside the lungs which is highly dangerous and causes cancer. But this E-cigarette leaves mist which is not cancer causing element as it does not contain any harmful ingredient or it’s just a residue of flavoured liquid vapour. I went on to find many other important things in my research. The nicotine oriented electronic cigarettes are actually not harmful. This is because many of the vegetables have the nicotinic acid which is nicotine in the form of acid which is actually known as Niacin or the Vitamin B3.

Now I really glad coming across something wonderful as this electronic cigarette which is not harmful but fun to be used. This helps many people who enjoy smoking.