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ecig review by KatieMaking the switch to the electronic cigarette was one of the easiest things I have ever done and that was thanks entirely to the Revolver electronic cigarette. I had a huge amount of choices when it came to making the switch but in doing my research I found that Revolver cigarette kits offered everything I wanted at an incredibly affordable price.

Revolver cigarette kits are as unique as their ecigs themselves. Starting at only 24.99 you have a choice of kits and prices ranging up to 69.99 Considering most e-cig kits will run you well over a hundred dollars I decided this was the best value for my money…and I wasn’t disappointed.

I purchased the Infinity Ion starter kit and it came with so many things to make my switch as easy as possible. First I was impressed with the shiny black gloss finish on the e-cig itself. It just had such a mark of class, especially after smoking those nasty boring cigarettes for so long. I loved the blue led lighted tip as well. It is just the little things that scream quality to me and I want as much for my money as I could get.

My kit contained several items.
1- portable charging case
2- batteries
1- atomizer
5- 24 mg refillable cartridges
1- USB charger
1- Wall charger

This kit gave me everything that I needed and then some for a great price! It was so simple to use I actually couldn’t believe it. Just screw the pieces together and push the cartridge into the atomizer. Easy!

What I think that I loved the most about Revolver cigarettes is the fact that the Tobacco Red cartridges tasted just like a traditional cigarette! This is a hard thing for many traditional smokers to get past and myself I had tried several different electronic cigarettes in the past and was sorely disappointed. It was not the case with the Revolver cigarette. I was so pleasantly surprised by the flavor and the amount of nicotine it delivered.

My other favorite feature is the portable charging case. This is an incredible feature that most electronic cigarette companies make you pay extra for. It is a way to recharge your e-cig when you have no electricity in sight. What a wonderful thing for someone like me who is always on the go! Just plug in the battery and load all your other pieces and you are ready to walk out the door. The case holds 5 cartridges, 2 batteries and the atomizer. No need to worry about running out of nicotine again.

There are many choices when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but the revolver electronic cigarette kit offers the best value, taste and product for your money.
Give it a try.

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  1. i used to use a venturi filter on a regular cigarette and saw the tar that was in cigarettes so the switch was easy to white cloud smokes

  2. I absolutely love Revolver. They offer a wide range of stuff from basic setups up to variable volt devices. Their customer service kicks ass, too. On the rare occasion I have something go wrong, they’re right on the spot to get it fixed. Love them!

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