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Smoke tip is well known as it uses the most advanced technology in electronic cigarette in the current market. The design of the cigarette is outstanding with two piece design where once can refill the cartridge very easily with all new atomizer. Smoke Tips has called their unique design as ‘Eazy Drag System’ and they have claimed the name accordingly by providing the very smooth dragging system for the smokers.

When you have decided to purchase a Smoke Tip Electronic cigarette then you are doing the best decision financially as they are available at affordable cost of $59.95. With the starting kit one will get all the accessories required to start the smoking days. If you are willing to have a comfortable drive in your future smoking days then this is the best choice you can ever make.

The refills of these cigarettes are available at a package of 10 cartridges where each of them will cost up to $19.95 where you will be investing of about $2 for each cartridge. Almost all of the smokers of this brand find that this cartridge will last long as almost equivalent to 1.25 packs of tobacco cigarette. The cartridges will be available in different flavors like Menthol and regular where the nicotine will be available in 4 different strengths.

SmokeTip is not trying to impress the customers with different starter kits as of other brands but they are focus on one kit to give a complete satisfaction in the same kit for the customers. The quality of the cigarette is very top and also they have made various tweaks for the cigarette to give it a better trendy look based on the current trend. The two batteries provided in the kit will last long as almost equivalent to 7.5 packs of cigarette but comparatively the cost is less.

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4 Reviews

  1. one of the biggest advantages of smoketip is that it’s cheaper. I know some people say the high quality is worth spending a fortune, but I just can’t afford to empty my paycheck on an e-cig, you know? So I bought smoketip and I’m really happy with it. I like the taste and it satisfies my nicotine cravings. I have no desire to go switching back to regular cigs anytime soon.

  2. The thing I love about SmokeTip is the throat hit. They call it the “easy drag” and it really is easy… it goes straight to the back of your throat just like a cig would. I use the 16mg tobacco flavor and it even tastes like a cig. I have found the vapor production is steady and doesn’t weaken even after you’ve been using it for awhile. My only complaint is the battery is really heavy. It’s not unpleasant, but it feels a little awkward after using lighter e-cigs.

  3. Smoketip ships super fast… seemed like it arrived almost overnight. Love the good strong vapor and the throat hit. Highly recommend this one!

  4. Customer service is awesome. Called to order and lost my “vaping virginity” soon after when my kit came in the mail. Loved everything about the SmokeTip and even though I use a couple different kinds of e-cigs now, I still use my old faithful SmokeTip sometimes!