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ecig review by LornaThe Safe Cig Reviews show that Safe Cig  is one of the most well known names in the world of electronic cigarettes and it keeps getting better.  The Safe Cig has long lasting refill cartridges that will give you the same amount of smoking time as 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.  The Safe Cig isn’t for everyone, namely those who like fruit or other non-cigarette flavors. They only offer Tobacco and Menthol cartridges because that is all they believe most smokers want.  As a result, the tobacco and menthol flavors offered by The Safe Cig are phenomenal.

For $12.50, you can purchase 5 refill cartridges from the Safe Cig website.  Each refill costs $2.50 and lasts as long as 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.  You can get Safe Cig cartridges in 4 nicotine strengths and 3 flavors.  The Safe Cig provides a new atomizer with each cartridge refill.  The starter kit is a little pricier than some other brands, but the value is also higher since the cartridges are longer lasting.

After all our reviews, The Safe Cig Review found that they are the only brand listed on our site that is SGS certified, which means quality and consistency is guaranteed on ALL cartridges. They also have a great program offering Military personnel discounts and offer Free U.S. Shipping, a 30 Day Guarantee, and a Lifetime Warranty on their electronic cigarette starter kits.

The Safe Cig is one of, if not the best, smoking alternatives for smokers who want a true tobacco cigarette taste and want high quality products they can rely on when they need to get their nicotine fix.

Update – 09/19/2011

The Safe Cig has always been a long standing champ in the fight for first place electronic cigarettes.  Now, Safe Cig fans have a new product to celebrate with the introduction of the Safe Cig Micro.  This model is a revolutionary step for ecig technology!  The Safe Cig Micro is really tiny compared to other electronic cigarettes.  The battery is only 1/8 cm in diameter and 5 ½ cm long.  If you doubt that such a tiny e-cig can bring great vapor, think again.  Vaping with the Safe Cig Micro is better than ever.  It is smoother and offers a full, rich vapor with each drag.

While other electronic cigarettes can feel bulky and awkward, the Safe Cig Micro is really lightweight and easy to handle.  It is a natural transition from tobacco cigarettes and smokers won’t feel like they are using a big clunky “fake cigarette” with the Micro!  Instead, it feels really authentic and it’s easy to get used to.

The Safe Cig Micro comes in a total of 10 flavors, rather than only the 3 Safe Cig original options.  The case resembles a traditional cigarette pack, but since the Safe Cig Micro is so tiny, the case holds all your gear at once.  In the case, you can store your Micro Cig, 2 batteries with refills attached, and 5 extra refills.  There is a USB charger in the pack so you can recharge your batteries on the go.  Just plug it into the laptop and you will be back in business in no time!

Overall, the Safe Cig Micro is a great step in the right direction for electronic cigarette technology.  This tiny little ecig doesn’t disappoint.

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11 Reviews

  1. I have been smoking the safe cig since it came out. I love the product and am proud to say it helped me quit cigarettes. Great review, and great product ;)

  2. Safe Cig are ok and the products work well. They run out of cartridges for about 3 weeks last year so I had to switch to V2, which was a shame, because I used to enjoy their traditional cartridges.

  3. The safe cig are really cool and sleek and they don’t cost the earth. They have just launched loads of new cartridges and I plan to try them all! The first two (Columbian and Madrid) have been really nice and produce lot of the fake smoke water (vapour?). Check out their facebook group, although they’ve got really big, they answer questions really quickly on there.

  4. I’ve been using the safe cig since jan 2010 and overall it has been really good. One of my batteries doesn’t last as long as the other one (although I think it’s the one I’ve had for 2 years now) It’s really helped me to cut down and I only really smoke it of an evening after work now.

  5. The refills are not equal to 2 packs, there equal to just under one pack, trust me.

  6. It’s been 4 days since I got my kit and I’ve ben using 0 mg with NO SMOKING the whole time!!!! I’m shocked. I smoked really heavy the past 4 years and this is making it easy to stop. I’m THRILLED! It works!!!

  7. I decided on safecig because I needed to save money. I was paying $6.50 per pack for smokes and it was killing me. I tracked it for a couple weeks and I was spending $325 every time I got paid for cigs. So then I switched to “Safe Cigs” and spent $90 on the starter kit and accessories I ordered. From here on out, I’m spending $15 per week on cartridges, compared to $50 a week on cigs. So right there I’m saving $35 each week. I’m guessing off the top of my head that is somewhere around $1500.00 I’m saving in a year of using ecigs. You better believe I’m going to keep using my Safe Cig. That’s nothing to laugh at. Plus my wife isn’t nagging me near as much about stinking up her car with my smoke smell. Hell, I don’t guess I have any complaints at all. Thanks Safe Cig!!

  8. Have gone from 2 packs a day to just my Safecig. Not even missing the old cigs. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

  9. i find the safe cig to be one of the better electronic cigarettes on the market. great quality for anyone starting or have already been vaping!

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