The Truth Behind Electric Cigarettes

Researching E-Cigs

It seems to look like I’m reading more and more about the E cigarettes or electronic cigarettes and vaping. Instantly, if you are a smoker of E cigarette then it is known as vaping. They give a same feel like that of a real cigarette but it has a different taste and it is healthier and a better way to smoke.

In the beginning when I found it, to be truth I thought it was just not possible. The next thing is I had few friends who were telling about how wonderful it is and how much they recommended it to me. They told me that it is an healthier, safer and cleaner smoking than the regular cigarette smoking.

I really don’t smoke but there is someone in my might which might be willing to help me to test this theory on electronic cigarettes and see if it really works or not. Now I went my darling fiancée who claims that he wants to quit the habit of smoking but he was unable to succeed.

Very soon our wedding was coming up and how much I love him meanwhile I really hate feeling like as if I'm kissing an ashtray every time when we used to kiss. I made some researches and finally I succeeded in finding the electronic cigarettes which appeared to me very and credible which is having a free trial also. No hidden offers or costs were there so I placed an order as it appeared to be economical and practical as well.

By placing an order for the trial I received around 25 electronic cigarettes. When compared with the other companies, this company sensed good. One of the prime reasons for me to come into this conclusion is because other companies offered only 5 cartridges when an order was placed. In the companies which offered only 5 cartridges we did not get the whole opportunity to decide. So the 25 cartridges offered by the company may lasts for about a month so I could see whether it would work for my finance.

At the end of the first week he was feeling better and he was having more energy and he dint wish to have a regular cigarette anymore. The side effects of smoking were completely dissipated by this and he was enjoying a lot in smoking and electronic cigarette at home as well as in the office.

By the end of the month he was feeling healthier, happier and more energetic than he had in years. Since he left regular smoking we had a fantastic honeymoon and we had been to Hawaii and had a great time. It happened all because of using an electronic cigarette so all the credit goes to it and for the inventors of electronic cigarette.