Up Close And Intimate: eCigs

Up Close And Intimate: eCigs

Nowadays electronic cigarette are becoming more and more popular. It is one of the best ways to quit smoking. Even though its look is like a cigarette but actually it is not a cigarette made up of tobacco. It is actually vaporized nicotine liquid and an odorless vapor. By using this no more smoke to stink up your clothing, car, home or all the things which you come in contact with.

This electronic cigarettes will be having an airflow sensor which detects the each and every drag of cigarettes and are designed in such a way that it looks like a real cigarette. Once it is activated it will be having a reddish orange light glowing at the end of the cigarette. The experience and routine of using an electronic cigarette is so real that it is very difficult to distinguish from smoking a real cigarette. Once the people try this cigarette then definitely they will make a switch over to electronic rather than real one.

People are declaring every day that how much they prefer odorless, tar free electronic cigarette to the smoky unhealthy cigarettes that they are smoking from past so many years. One question which pops up into our mind is why don’t people prefer this cigarette rather than the real one which sticks up and stains everything which comes around it?

When you think about this for a second then all the non-smokers answer this age old question to themselves. One more question to you is would you like to kiss a person with a fresh breath or with an ashtray. Kissing a smoker is exactly equivalent to kissing an ashtray. In many ways this electronic cigarettes can improve everybody’s life.

My first real boyfriend was a smoker and in the beginning I was not caring about he is a smoker. But naturally it last, the cigarette smell was lingering on and on. When he smoked it used to stick on my clothing, on my backpack, on my school books, in my locker and in many more. To get rid of the odor it used to take around a week.

From that time I avoided smokers. My current boy friend is also a smoker but the difference is that he uses electronic cigarettes. By using this there will be no stains on his teeth, furniture and on walls. One happier thing is he feels the same enjoyment he gets from a traditional cigarette.

One more positive factor of using this is he is more active compared to previous and his overall health is improved. It looks like we will get engaged soon so I really prefer or recommend the electronic cigarette because he was using the traditional cigarette we would have not been together. I’m getting a ring because of it. One more prime factor is that the cost of electronic cigarette is less when compared with the traditional cigarette.