V2 Cig Cartridges Reviews

V2 Cig Cartridges Reviews
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When it comes to the customer favorites, the V2 Cigs are usually listed. When you ask most customers why they prefer the V2 Cig most will tell you that they are in love with cartridge. Since the V2 cig has are replacement cartridge, most users not only find it faster and easier to use, they also feel that, since they get a new mouthpiece each time they replace the cartridge, that the V2 Cig is more sanitary than brands that use refillable cartridges.

When it comes to vapor juice, customer like the wide variety of flavors the V2 Company sells. Since choosing the right flavor can be difficult, the company has put together a V2 Cigs 9-Flavor Sampler which lets customers try out each flavor previous to ordering a box of flavored cartridges.

The current list of V2 flavors includes:

  • Red-Tobacco
  • Menthol-Tobacco
  • Congress-Tobacco
  • Sahara
  • Coffee
  • Peppermint
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry

Not everyone likes the same amount of nicotine in their vapor juice, and the V2 Cig company understands that . They have created four different types of vapor juice, each with it’s own level of nicotine. The highest amount of nicotine is the full strength which contain 18mg of nicotine, and the lowest level does not have any nicotine at all.

Times are tough and one of the things our customers are constantly commenting on is that the price of the V2 Cigs cartridges takes some of the economic pressure off of them. The price of the cartridge is $1.99, and each cartridge contains a cigarette pack worth of vapor juice. Using the V2 Cigs cartridge is saving our customers 1000’s of dollars every single year.