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In these days you cannot avoid reading V2 Cigs. I heard many of them giving a positive opinion about the product. Hence I came to one decision to check the website myself. Immediately I made a decision to examine this product. So I purchased V2 Standard Kit which did cost about $74.95 plus 10 flavored cartridges which was about $16.95. Among the various electronic cigarette, V2 Cigs is considered to be the new brand. It has become the world’s most well-known electronic cigarettes. So I myself decided to try once.

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The Package and as well the box in which it arrived was really nice. It comprises of the magnetic flap which is used to hold the cartridges and batteries. It is very clean, simple and has got a professional look. I feel that it made its own brand in the market of electronic cigarettes. I think that it has developed in its way.


When I started to write this article, V2 Cigs had released its four kinds of price points ( As a result of lots of promotions, you can easily get with varies lower prices on their site)

The V2 Economy Kit will be offered with the affordable kit. The Kit costs about $59.95. It is suitable for those who wish to test the electronic cigarettes in order to examine whether it is worth or not.

The costs of Standard kit is about $59.95. This is the brand which I tried out before writing this review. It comprises of two batteries, 10 cartridges and 2 charges. It is suitable for those who wish to make a bigger commitment.

The cost of the V2 travel kit is about $129.95. Here you can get more for your money. It comprises of portable charging case, 2 batteries, 2 charges and 15 cartridges. The battery helps you out in charging from wherever you are. This is the main reason for buying this kit. The cost of the V2 Couples kit is about $129.95. It is suitable if you are planning to save your hard earned money. It is equal to buying of 2 standard kits. As in the other brands, even here they offer 30 days money back guarantee for the Starter Kits. They provide lifetime warranty with one condition that within 90 days you need to purchase e-liquid or cartridges from them.

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The first thing I felt like trying is its battery because the company always feels proud about its battery. Later my doubts got cleared that the battery is really good among others I tried till now. At the time of ordering, you can choose the battery as well as the color whichever you like. When I went to Stainless Steel for automatic batteries, I found the manual one with white color. For those who are new to the electronic cigarettes, there are no extra steps in operating with the automatic electronic cigarette. The only thing what you need to do is inhaling the e-cigarette as of what you do in normal cigarettes. Later automatically heating elements starts its work. In the Manual type, you need to press the button in order to begin the process. But still, people like more of manual batteries and this is because, it provides you control over the production of the vapor. I came to know that the operation of the battery is extremely good. However the manual battery used to produce more vapor. But they both are fast and responsive. V2 Cigs are considered to be the most vapor producing cigarette and it is the well- known brand when comes to the vapor producing element. The draw is smooth as well as nice. It hits strongly on the throat but not too uncontrollable. They offer variety of colors which comprise of silver, black, blue and white. It comprises with various sizes such as 110mm, 79mm and 67mm. I bought white battery which is comparatively plain. It did not had small rings which other brands used to produce in order to make it very realistic. The battery of Stainless steel has really got different look but the fact is that it builds the feeling of a luxury product. The V2 Cigs did not give much prominence for the realistic look. Instead it gave importance of the color code with the names of the flavor printed for making it easy for the people to recognize them easily. I would like to say that I give more importance for the realistic – looking cigarettes. Although it does not matter a lot because the taste and preference differs from person to person. They offer the best customer service through phone, e-mail as well live support in specific hours. Also you have the option to demand for calling you back by entering in the form on their site. Nowadays many firms are failing in providing better customer services to its people. But we can relay on this customer care undoubtedly as we get answers very fast for all our queries.


Whenever I review the cigarettes, usually I like to try as well as get several various flavors in order to get the clear picture of different flavors offered by the company. Hence I ordered in a box of samples of V2 10- Flavor, V2 Red cartridges and cherry cartridges. The sampler pack comprises of menthol, coffee, peppermint, vanilla, cocoa and chocolate. The various flavors of tobacco are known as the Sahara and Congress. The weight of all these is about 12mg. All the flavors are really good and I liked very much the menthol and cherry flavors. As I like tobacco lot, their selection of tobacco is quite decent. The V2 Red flavor is well-known for the classic tobacco taste, whereas Congress is well-known for the Parliament brand. Lastly Sahara is well-known for the brands such as Kent and Spirit. V2 Cigs have marked its name in a great level and the great example for this is the creation of custom cartridges. Till now no other competitors have made this experiment and it is considered to be the greatest idea of the V2 Cigs. They combine the actual flavor which you want with the color you like for the cartridge and also the power of the nicotine. They not only facilitate to choose the color you need but they also let you specify the flavor of your choice and they try to build it for you. The customer service is a bit costly. Hence they suggest you to purchase a minimum of a hundred of your own flavor cartridges. But if you dint find the flavor suitable for you, then you will be not having the opportunity to send it back. They charge about $225 for 100 cartridges. Ofcource you have the option to purchase empty cartridges and later fill the V2 liquid if you wish. In addition to this they even offer adapters which are helpful in attaching the cartomizers through various brands. This is one of the steps they have adopted in order to capture the attraction of the customers and tempt them to smoke only V2 Cigs. Like other e-cigs, it will help you out in saving hard earned money. Initially you will feel costly to purchase the kit. But once you pay for this, then further it is pure saving. In order to save more money, make sure that you purchase a little larger kit. Because larger the kit, bigger will be your savings. The 5packs of various flavors costs about $12.95 whereas 20 pack costs about $44.95 and 80 packs costs about $129.95. If you want to still minimize the cost, then purchase the empty cartridges as it can be refilled nearly about 5 times. The e-liquid comprising of 25ml costs about $18.95. It can be refilled up to 25 cartridges. It is considered to be the electronic version.


I feel there is something good in V2 Cigs because everybody will be talking about the same thing. We can observe that even several celebrities smoke of these guys products. The most I like in their offer is about the extreme customization. Hence easily you can get what exactly you want. The other main thing is that the refillable cartridges what they offer and as well the adopters for various brands cartomizers. As nobody is offering this type of facilities, they are considered to be one step forward from the others. If you feel that the refill is not matching up to your priorities, then they offer still greater tobacco flavors and great quality e-cigs that platform well. But one negative aspect is that they sale disposable electronic cigarettes. Even though they provide a good amount of vapor, the flavors which they offer is bad. So I have decided to not to purchase disposable cigarettes with these guys. If you want to buy the best cigarettes, then definitely go with the V2 Cigs as they are considered to be the best product in electronic cigarettes when compared to other cigarettes.

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24 Reviews

  1. V2 cigs was the 3rd e-cigarette brand I tried and it’s by far been the best. The battery is solid and long lasting and the standard cartridges actually taste and smoke really well. Their customer service is great too. One of my delivery of cartridges never showed, and although it turns out it was the carriers fault, they sent out some more to me and I received them a day after I emailed them! Certainly can’t complain, so would recommend to everyone who wants to try e-smoking.

  2. Had my v2 cigs for about 8 months now and I’ve now had 3 real cigarettes in as many months. Their spare parts are actually affordable, as when I was researching I found that some companies tried to catch you out and over charge for these. You need a spare battery with you at all times so you’re not tempted to buy a pack of smokes! Love them!

  3. I was a bit apprehensive about buying from v2 because their web site was complex, but after reading reviews on other sites, it was certainly worth the time researching them. Everyone is as seems to be impressed as I am now.

  4. V2 are really good, I would recommend them to first time e-smokers, because as one of the big brands they have a good reliable kit. The cartridge price is really reasonable which has saved me loads compared to other e-cigs, let alone compared to the massive saving of smoking cigarettes full stop.

  5. Love this kit! It was actually easy to stop using my old cigarettes once I took a drag on the V2. The cost was pretty reasonable and the batteries last long enough to be convenient. It seems like the battery lasted about as long as one cartridge. My only complaint is that I had to deal with a backorder on cartridges to get the Menthol flavor I like. However, I did get them eventually and now I know better and order a bigger pack way ahead of time. Overall, V2 is great and I recommend it to anyone.

  6. I did a ton of research before I ordered my first kit and I was still super nervous when my V 2 traveler kit finally arrived. I was actually really shocked when I first started using it. I am really happy with it! It DOES feel similar to smoking my regular cigarettes, but I’m saving a ton of money by using V 2 cartridges instead of paying so much for my old brand of cigarettes. After a couple weeks, I quit using tobacco cigs altogether and now I’m an e-cig girl all the way. I’ve actually recruited a couple of my friends who smoke to try it and now we order the custom flavor option and split the cost between us. So yeah, V 2 rocks! Try it!

  7. I can’t say enough V2. I’ve been really happy with it from the start. If you like menthol, I definitely recommend them. I tried a bunch of other brands trying to find a menthol that tasted right and V2 is the only one I’ve found that really hit the mark on that front. I like their Menthol and Peppermint and I switch them up from time to time when I need a change. It’s a good investment and I’m glad I ordered.

  8. I ordered my V2 kit 2 months ago and first of all, let me just tell you that their customer service was really grate. They answered all my questions and I had a lot of them. I’m 55 and I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to quit smoking and nothing worked. I tried the gum, the patches, the pills, I did it all. I am so glad I found V2! Within a week, I had quit my Marlboro habit completely. This was the best thing I ever did for my health. I don’t wheeze at night anymore and I just feel better since I switched to V2.

  9. V2 is better than I ever really hoped for. Ordering my kit was easy from start to finish. I ordered in January and my kit arrived quickly. It was packaged nicely and everything was there that I had ordered. Since I got my V2 kit, I haven’t had a single tobacco cigarette. I was surprised at how easy it was. I think having the flavor options really helped. I didn’t want my boring old cigarettes when I could have my new “toy” and try the new flavors. I like all of the flavors and haven’t really found any of them that I wouldn’t recommend. I’m still figuring out which is my favorite. I’m already saving money and it seems like one cart is lasting me about the same as a pack of cigarettes did. I love V2. Definitely try it!

  10. When I first looked at V2, the price was an issue for me. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on the starter kit. I held off for a couple of weeks and kept debating… but eventually I just bit the bullet and ordered the V2 kit online. You really do get a lot for your money and I figured it would be an investment if I saved money in the long run. I got the basic kit and it had 10 cartridges, so it was supposed to last me as long as 10 packs of cigarettes. I would say that is about right. I might have used them a little quicker than that, but it’s a close estimate. I tried the Reds flavor first because I am a Marlboro guy and read a review that said it was a close match. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t feel like it was all that similar. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t what I was used to. So then I tried the Coffee and I really love it. That is definitely my flavor of choice now. Overall, two thumbs up for the V2 Cigs. I’m glad I ordered the kit.

  11. Got my V2 in the mail about a month ago. It’s been a little hard to get used to, but I really like it. I’ve been trying to quit smoking for about 8 years and I finally threw out my last pack of cigarettes two weeks ago. So I would say the V2 definitely works. I am going to try some of the other flavors when I order my next set of cartridges. I feel confident I can stick with V2 and be happy for the long haul.

  12. I could write a book about how to quit smoking. Or actually about how to NOT quit smoking. I tried it all. The last straw was when my doctor put me on Chantix. That stuff was horrible. I got so nauseous that I couldn’t even go to work. My boss got aggravated when I called in sick on the third day and he told me about V2 Cigs. His brother uses them and he told me to read about them and get back to work in the morning. (Gotta love bosses, huh?) Surprisingly, he was right about V2. After I read a bunch of reviews, I ordered my kit and threw the Chantix down the disposal. It only took a week to completely switch off of regular cigarettes to smoking only the V2. I really like the Congress flavor. It’s a little bit sweet and just has a good full taste. V2 shipped my order out really fast and it took a little less than a week to get to my house. I do think they should work on their chargers. Mine died after three weeks and another guy I know said his didn’t work at all when it arrived. V2 was really nice about it though. They sent me a replacement charger right away and it has worked fine. I don’t usually write reviews, but after everything I went through trying to quit smoking, I just wanted to encourage other smokers to try V2. It really works and I’m proof.

  13. ok so far, took me a while to find the right strength (go lower than you think you’ll need)

  14. V2 is the best e-cig! You have more flavors to choose from and you can talk to a real live person when you call their customer service number. I like that they have adapters so you can use the ecig battery you already have instead of buying a new one when you want to try their flavors. TOP NOTCH COMPANY! I highly recommend them.

  15. So I’m on Day 7 with my V2 and so far, so good. I smoked for about 18 years heavy… like at least a pack a day, but sometimes a lot more. I drive a truck and so all I do is drive and smoke most of the time. After my third day, I quit using my analog cigarettes and just used the V2. I keep varying the flavors cause I want to try them all. So far, coffee is my favorite, but the vanilla was pretty good too. The 18 mg strength is just right for me. I love that my truck doesn’t smell like smoke anymore. Everytime I pull into a truck stop, I feel like a walking infomercial cause I keep recommending them to everyone I see… seriously, I love them!

  16. I purchased a different brand ecig first and had many issues with the cartridges, the battery would heat up so much that you couldn’t hold it, the charger pack didn’t charge properly and the vapor consistency varied with each hit. So I went on the Internet and did some research and decided on the V2 because of the easy to use screw-on cartridges and the flavour selection. I’ve had my V2 for a year now and it’s still working perfectly. The V2 delivers a nice consistency of vapor to each hit, long battery life and a convenient travel charging case. I definitely recommend the V2! :)

  17. My husband and I love the V2!! I was a closet smoker and mainly smoked at home after work, but we were creaping up to a pack a day just in the evening time. I was curious about the ecig and my husband tried a gas station ecig and didn’t like it. For some reason the last pack of real cigs we had just didn’t taste right so I bought a disposable v2 at a local tabacco shop and really liked it. I ordered my kit and after a few weeks my husband and I were sharing it. We now have our own kits and my husband is only smoking a real cig on occasion when he has a beer. Our kids are so excited that we quit and proceed to tell everyone how we can smoke in the car and house with them and they can’t even tell. I recently smoked a real cig while out at a bar and quickly realized that I didn’t miss it at all!! Loving our v2!!

  18. i thought they were cool and the customer service was not that bad.

  19. V2 Cigs is the best e cig for the money.

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