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VaporZone is a really great company, offering a radically large selection of vaporizers and gear, with super high quality and great prices. We were very excited to try out this brand’s Pro model, and will tell you up front, they are really worth the money.


Good design is a common theme with VaporZone. From all of the products, to the accessories, the packaging, and even the liquid bottles, they have amazing design. When it comes to the actual vaporizers, they feel very good when you hold them.

Their packaging is really nice. Very classy, catchy design, boxes that have a posh look and feel about them. If you like great packaging, as I do, you know that it often shows how much effort the company is putting in, in terms of details.

Upon examining the Pro, my first thoughts were on how nicely everything seemed to fit together. It’s definitely not a cheapo vaporizer, and by the weight of it, I know it was meant to last a while and perform well. The Pro in my starter kit is black, however this model is available in a huge range of different colors, which are cool if you want something different. I was very impressed with how the vaporizer can be used with a wide selection of different accessories, and still maintain great workmanship.

So, the Pro looks great, feels great, and as I will go into detail on, it works great. They get very high points for amazing design, beating out most other brands here easily.


In Use

In using the Pro vaporizer is where you really see it’s great design in action. Pretty looks only do so much, but the power behind this e-cigarette is remarkable. It’s a very simple to use model; some vaporizers are more complex, but this one is great for people who want an easy model that can still perform.

Setting up the Pro to use is simple; the directions they give are clear to follow, and you will be surprised how easy it is, especially if you’ve used other e-cigarettes before. Charging is obviously simple, and this unit does not take long to charge to full capacity. Also, the battery is pretty incredible, and it lasts easily a full day if you vape a lot. Pouring the liquid into the cartomizer may be the trickiest part. You have to pour it in one drop at a time into the sides of the cartomizer. You also have to take care not to fill it past 75% full or you could have problems with it working right. I haven’t had any leakage issues with mine in all the times I’ve used it, so I think following their directions makes total sense.

With such a powerful battery, the performance translates into massive throat hits and amazing vapor production. Two-piece e-cigs have nothing on these types of models, and if you have been vaping with basic e-cigs, get ready to be blown away. If you are new to e-smoking, and are trying the Pro after using regular cigarettes, you will be satisfied with how it performs altogether.


These are great e-liquids.

What I like about them is the custom-blending. You are able to choose as many as three flavors and have them blended. There aren’t many brands doing this, and it’s fantastic because you are no longer stuck with just a dozen or so flavors from the company. I like that they offer a very large selection of tobacco and menthol flavors; obviously the most popular. As far as quality goes, they nailed it. The vapor is smooth hitting, heavy enough to feel, and made of top ingredients.


While we focused on the Pro starter kit for this review, by no means is that the only option from VaporZone. They offer 6 different starter kits, based around each of their different e-cigarette models, as well as additional endless accessories for use with them.

  • VaporZone Express Starter Kit: $29.99
  • VaporZone Air Starter Kit: $39.99
  • VaporZone Pro Starter Kit: $49.99
  • VaporZone Jet Starter Kit: $79.99
  • VaporZone Pulse Starter Kit: $119.99
  • VaporZone Rebel Starter Kit: $179.99


The price of the Pro starter kit, $49.99 is basically a steal. I find that VaporZone has very fair prices on all of their products and starter kits, even if some of them seem very high. You have to remember these are not basic e-cigarettes; they are very advanced. However, as far as affordability goes, the Pro kit is one of the best deals available right now, especially considering how advanced it is.


VaporZone may be one of the newer e-cigarette companies, however they are doing great things. They stand out for having excellent quality, having a very large selection, and doing things others are not doing. With few negatives, and plenty of positives, they are certainly up there among the best.

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