What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

Have you ever tried an electronic cigarette? They are so cool – they look just like real a cigarette or they can look like a fountain pen but it’s really a battery-operated vaporizer or an inhaler type of device. You can either have the nicotine flavor with the liquid inside or you can get refills that don’t have any of the nicotine in them. Also, you can vary the nicotine amount, according to your taste.

Have you ever heard of an electronic cigarette? These E Cigarettes are so high-tech and trendy that they look similar to a real cigarette or like a fountain pen. These are a sort of a vaporizer or an inhaler which are operated through battery and a cartridge filled with a nicotine flavored liquid in it, which neither contains neither nicotine nor any harmful toxic chemicals. As per your required taste you can also vary the level of nicotine required in an electronic cigarette.

I had taken up smoking just about five years back and which led to concern me about the discoloration of my teeth and odor in my hairs. I was advised by a friend of mine to use the E-cigarette which would avoid all the troubles of my health issue. This will also prevent you from the issue, which is caused by the usual one.

In general, smoking an electronic cigarette sounded a little bit odd to me. I started scrutinizing and found to be an interesting product, which has a rechargeable battery and a cartridge filled with a nicotine flavored liquid. As soon as you switch the button on it, the liquid inside the electronic cigarette gets heated up and start to form a vapor like smoke. That is likewise similar to the smoke coming out of a usual cigarette.

Nowadays these are available in various types with various flavors in the store and you have right to opt it as per required taste, since I wanted to test I simply brought a starter kit. After using it, I found it to be harmless. I also found that it doesn’t even contain any noxious substance which would cause cancer. As it is found to be in toxic, you can smoke anywhere in the public.

A week ago I just received a detailed body checkup and it was so amazing for the physician to examine my heart and lungs and the improvements in my health. I could savor my food better now days which was not possible when I use to smoke the usual one. I suggest you that E Cigarettes are better than the usual one and it may be bit pricy but it would also save a great deal of money.