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There is plethora of cigarettes accessible in the market, and White Cloud Electronic Cigarette is one of the identified front-runners in the market. This organization was launched in the year 2007. White cloud takes honor in its excellent & top quality items. A majority of its sources is committed to learning the product so as to offer the consumer with improved items.

From product plan to product fabrication & production, the organization makes it a point to make sure that all things are carried out in fineness, in such a way the consumers are sure to get only contentment from all its items.

White cloud electronic cigarette boasts with pride, its cartridge’s smooth draw, clear draw, and proprietary expertise and that makes it a better-quality electronic cigarette when compared to its competitors on the basis of vapor flavor and performance of the device. Every puff which you take is assured to have complete taste & perfect vapor.

If you are bothered about what you would be breathing in, well White Cloud electronic cigarette assures that you will be drawing in, nothing r only secure elements. All its cartridges and e-liquid’s ingredients are revealed and displayed with elaborate depictions on its website.

White cloud electronic cigarette is also personalized as per your lifestyle, whereas the other brands just concentrate on ultramodern features instead of offering its consumers an enclosed smoking model. You have a broad array of options conceding outlook and the device’s utility. Fling & Cirrus will make you sense that you are smoking a usual cigarette as they are weightless. There are lots of vibrant items, which white cloud cigarette also provide through its mixed vapor jacket coatings.

Of lately, White smoke electronic cigarette has teamed up with several thriving slapstick comedians and are presently touring the United States for the Operation comedy Ha Ha. This sponsorship comprises of the ability to demonstrate he or she is utilizing the item on stage during the presentations, even though there are no assurances or needs that the item will be specified. Subsequent to the presentation, the customers will be provided free fling throwaways.

Pros & Cons

  • Advantages of the White cloud cigarette comprise of
  • Additional manufactured vapor
  • Hushed & soft drag
  • Unmatched soft strike
  • Quick charging, prolonged batteries
  • Covertness vaporing choices from the phantom batteries.
  • Responsive accessories
  • Can be purchased from the authentic outlets.
  • Disadvantages of the White cloud cigarette comprise of
  • A few tastes may not possess all the nicotine stages

Absolute and comprehensive appraisal

White cloud cigarette is appropriately devised at reasonable rates, as the organization's motto says its items are peculiar from its competitor electronic cigarettes in various features.

White Cloud electronic cigarette’s sophisticated design eradicates all the fears of the customers like the troubles in putting together, cleaning, replenishing and preservation.

It boasts with pride as being front-runners in the market to provide dual additional nicotine potency for consumers who are searching for very extreme and contentment.

Moreover, modification is an enchanting offer from the White Cloud electronic cigarette. Its vapor jacket covering provide 274 jacket choices which feature each shade, stylishness, persona from the animal prints to the geometrical designs and lots more.

The white cloud electronic cigarette is not declared to heal infatuation of smoker to nicotine. You should consult a physician for choices on how to quit smoking.

Pattern & covering

Elegant & glossy are expressions which will explain the White cloud electronic cigarette’s wrapping. If you desire your instrument to be personalized as per your individual flavor, you can carry out with the vapor covering choices as specified previously.

Cartridges’ Proprietary patterns like clear draw, smooth draw will ascertain that each puff is effortless, flawless, nicotine instilled and complete with taste. The heating coil is intended be located at the cartridge’s hub, there is no risk of scorching or your lips getting burnt. The vapor delivery  is not negotiated due to the vapor and silicone stack bell trap. Hence every draw is pleasing, even devoid of prime puffing.

Cirrus 2 Starter Kit is accessible at the price of $49.95. Its battery provides about 280puffs and because of the Charge Bolt USB charger, it can be charged for ninety minutes. Within the kit are 2 batteries, USB charger, 5 batteries, 6 month warranty and an internet consumer manual. You can customize your batteries by paying an extra $19.95.

Cirrus 3 Starter Kit is obtainable at a price of $63.96 and it is indeed the minimum & lightest from White Cloud electronic cigarette. Paid for an hour and it will be sufficient power-driven to produce 200 puffs, appropriate for carrying it in your wallet or pocket. It comprises of 3 batteries, AC adapter, 5 cartridges, and squid charger for triple charging power, internet consumer manual and 6 month warranty.

Cirrus 3x Starter Kit is available for $95.96 and it is appropriate for individuals who do not wish to be bothered when they follow their hobbies and fervors. Of all the White cloud items, this product is long-term. The charging duration in this Cirrus 3x Starter Kit is for 120 minutes to create above 600 puffs. The case includes 5 cartridges, AC/DC adapters, 3 batteries, extended warranty for 2 years and internet consumer manual.

Cirrus Variety Kit is available for $87.96 and is appropriate for beginners and casual consumers. It comprises of 3 batteries from the flagship Cirrus product line of White cloud. The kit’s other substances are one Charge Bolt USB charger, AC adapter, five cartridges, and the internet consumer manual.

Phantom Kit is the next generation kit of the white cloud in the groundwork for the forthcoming legislation & rules. It arrives in stealth pattern where all the substances are in black. This is a restricted version, so take benefit of this $159.96 which comprises of 1 exhibit carton, elite squid charger, and exclusive AC adapter, numbered membership card, 3 phantom batteries, 5 cartridge cartons, and an internet user manual.

Taste & vapor quality

White cloud always keeps its valued consumers informed about what they are doing. You can know the white smoke’s product ingredients by going through their website. The major substance utilized in the manufacture  of the white cloud electronic cigarettes are 0.5% ethyl acetate, 80-92% propylene glycol, 0.5-4% water, 1-4% water, 0-5.4% nicotine, 3% malic acid, 1% menthol, 2.5% vanillin, 10% ethanol, 1% Acetylpyrazine, and 10% Linalyl alcohol. Based on the taste, the items can be located on the White cloud’s website.

The heating component is intended to be at the cartridge’s hub. In this manner the vapor production can be put to the utmost use without creating burns or any difficulties as you perform every draw

Tobacco flavor is in several types. The standard type is baked and affluent tobacco like that of classic American cigarettes. Apache is intrepid in flavor and is appropriate if you desire to unfiltered smoke. Bora Bora is moderate with a piquant hint. Atlantic cut has a clue of apple, maple caramel, &whiskey.

Menthol flavor comes in diverse types. Menthol is crunchy & minty similar to eucalyptus. Iced berry is stimulating and sugary. Snap blends frosty mint and dark chocolate. Zero k is just chilly & intrepid from the peppermint explosion.

You can take pleasure in diverse fruit tastes. Strawberries are meant for individuals longing for shortcake. Other fruit tastes are Peach Pit, Lime, Bad Apple, & banana and coconut and banana. Dinner tastes such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Kick, Espresso, Clove and Cinnamon.

Levels of nicotine

Together with the exhilarating taste is the nicotine hit’s assurance from the nicotine’s diverse stages in the white cloud items. 5.4% nicotine is found in double extra, while 3.6% & 2.4% of nicotine is found in Extra strength & full strength respectively. The light strength and ultra strength has 1.6% and 0.8% nicotine correspondingly. If you wish to have vapor lacking nicotine, then 0% nicotine is also accessible for you. White cloud assures every taste to be complete bodied and effective for your absolute contentment.

Battery charging & Charge duration

The battery performance and its specifications differ as per the prototype in the Cirrus product line. With most premium materials available in the market, White cloud batteries are manufactured to be competent and enduring when compared to the other accessible LiPo batteries. White cloud electronic cigarette batteries are resistant to cell damage and hence they will not face the danger of getting defective because of overcharging. Its inventive bolt charger can moreover securely recharge the batteries, even if they possess lower than a small voltage of 2.7 volts, an aspect with other brand do not provide. In contrast to the other batteries, the white cloud’s batteries can withstand life up to 5 more times.

Worth for money

One soft draw taste cartridge can provide vaporing contentment which is equal to the smoking delight which 2 cigarette packs or forty sticks can offer. In addition, you can go through the website regarding how you can utilize the cigars in a proper manner so as to make the best use of it. Once you observe that the vapor quantity generated has lowered radically while the battery is completely charged, you require a fresh cartridge. If you substitute the battery and if still nothing happens, then it is time that you need to acquire a fresh battery.

Normal batteries & chargers come with 6 month warranty. If you wish to have extended guarantee, then you can spend extra money to acquire a 2 yr extended battery. By filling and furnishing the warranty exchange form on the White cloud website, you can properly claim your warranty.

Cartridges & Flings do not come under the above citied warranties; however you can fill up the precise form to return back the faulty things so that it can be examined by White Cloud.

White cloud also provides an affiliate schedule so that you can generate money while endorsing its items. The commission & payout particulars can be known from the website. Your orders will also be locally and globally shipped. Verify the site for shipping particulars.

Client support

White cloud can be contacted on weekdays. Usually, within 24 hours, all the queries are answered, however it relies on the calls & email quantity, obtained by the support staff. In case if you haven’t received any reply from White cloud after a lapse of 24 hrs, you can contact them. You also have the choice of dropping a voice mail with your name and phone number so that you will be called by their staff. For your usual enquiry you can just browse the FAQ page of the website other helpful sources.

Regarding white cloud

In 2007, white cloud was founded with the dedication to provide quality services. It has ample sources which concentrates on studies and finds out in what way its products can be enhanced. White clouds items are hand prepared in China. However, this does not indicate that the quality will be negotiated. One may wonder the major cause why White Cloud being rated as the leader in the cigar market? This because the company ascertains that it scrutinizes all the production procedures. Cartridges pass through nine step procedure and are subjected to 3 quality testing. Batteries are subjected to 13 step procedure should pass 4 segregate test. American superiors and representatives’ frequently visit China to ascertain all things are carried out as per the organization’s principles.

By means of its 26 retail outlets the White cloud influences all through the US. It has been featured lately in Forbes, Business journal, better living and lots more. From May 22, 2012, BBB has accredited White Cloud. The website has initiated the starfied technology certificate, which denotes that all contracts are inscribed on a 256 bit SSL fortification. It is also scrutinized by Sucuri Security and hence it is secure and is malware free

Winding up

To wind up, White cloud able to become the frontrunner in the cigar market due to its commitment in offering its consumers the most excellent product. It strives to search for methods to enhance its products. If you are searching for an electronic cigarette brand, then you would definitely desire to ascertain that your cash will be spent on reasonable & praiseworthy times & services provided by White cloud.

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31 Reviews

  1. I bought my white cloud when I was getting serious about e-cigarettes after trying a few to help me cut down with my smoking. The price compared to other ec-igs is massive. TO be honest, having invested all that money, I was a little under-whelmed. The batteries last for ever, it produces lots of vapor but it doesn’t feel like the money I paid for it. Yes it is a big step up in quality from maybe the more popular brands I’ve tried in the past, but the price to quality curve isn’t even. Not to say I don’t enjoy using it and it is by far the best e-cigarette I’ve own, just didn’t quite meet my expectations. My e-cig using friends think I’m too harsh though and they would buy it if they could afford one.

  2. I had tried about 4 different e-cigs before I broke down and shelled out the RIDICULOUSLY high price for a White Cloud kit. However, I have to share that it was worth EVERY PENNY. The White Cloud is worlds above other brands. The quality is just amazing. The taste is better, the vapor is better, the e-cig is just made better all around. I won’t ever settle for less. If I’m going to invest in the e-cig, it’s going to be the best e-cig and that is definitely White Cloud.

  3. When I first saw White Cloud, I couldn’t imagine spending that kind of money. After all, part of the reason I switched from tobacco was because the cost was so high. But then my best friend got the White Cloud from her husband at Christmas and she offered to let me try it. After one test drive with White Cloud, I realized why it costs more than the brand I was using. It was SOOOO much better. So I bit the bullet and bought my own White Cloud kit. I haven’t regretted it at all.

  4. Great cigarette. Really like to use it while driving. I smoked about a pack or a half a pack day and I am completely satisfied with the whit cloud electronic cigarette. It really satisfies my desire to smoke. It actually feels like you are smoking and I love watching the vapor smoke . I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to quit. I also feel it is very reasonably priced compared to smoking. It is very easy to order refills online. Love It.

  5. I love white cloud, it’s the best e-cig I’ve ever used, I’ve tried a few and none of the others can even come close to what this company has created. I love the different flavor cartridges, they taste better than the other ones I’ve tried also. I’ve saved a ton of money, I can smoke these wherever I want to, and the customer service is the best! They answer any questions you have, are always willing to help, they’re great! White cloud is the only e-cig I recommend to my friends. :)

  6. I purchased my White Cloud starter kit about 2 years ago. I use it as a backup for those times a real cigarette is not permissible such as a non smoking room at a hotel, etc. White Cloud is the third and last brand of e-cigarettes I have purchased because hands down it offers everything I was looking for. The draw, the taste and the battery life are what sold me on it. I also personally love the very clean and sleek look of it. I find their customer service to be top notch and right on top of any question or problem I had. My emails were always answered very quickly. The other thing I might mention is I was very impressed with all the choices you have in flavor cartridges and different size kits.

  7. I tried several brands – White Cloud was the only brand that closely approximated a real cigarette – it draws, tastes, hits the throat, fills the lungs, exhales, and has the same effect as smoking a real cigarette of a brand different than my own. There is a discrepancy on the battery life – this can be traced to which battery the person purchased – White Cloud offers 3 models, only Cirrus 3X has the long battery life. The starting price appears a bit high, but 1. you can get large discount codes searching the internet (current is 30% off kits) 2. you can become an affiliate for free and get a 20% rebate 3. the kits come with more than just the batteries 4. The Cirrus 3X kit has 3 batteries 5. The Cirrus 3 kit comes with the 2 year warranty which includes a free battery exchange after the 1st year – the result is the battery elements can be a more reasonable $25-30 each, but you have a large up front cost. If you are looking for a high quality sealed cartridge with small batteries, Cirrus 3X is the best. If you are looking for a hobby (make your own flavors, build your own elements, change your own batteries, etc.) While Cloud isn’t what you want.

  8. I have the White Cloud Cirrus 2 e-cig. I initially had a hard time justifying paying more for the product, but the quality is evident. The batteries last about 12 hours, and the cartridges are always consistent and reliable. Unlike other brands I’ve tried, the cartridges never leak. I would, however, like to see improvement in the flavors. That is the only area where I feel the competition has the edge.

  9. I never thought I would be able to kick a 20 year pack and 1/2 cigarette habit. Thanks to the ease of use of White Cloud and the great test of their cigarettes, I have been smoke free for 8 months with no desire to pick up a real cigarette. I have a friend who bought one of those cheap brands in the convenience stores. Yes, they are cheap for a reason! She still smokes her Marlboros while I smoke my White Clouds. Some day I hope she will be smart enough to spend the money on White Cloud so she will really be able to quit. I can’t say enough great things about White Cloud. I credit them with me getting my life back.

  10. I love the White Cloud Brand electronic cigarettes because of the amount of vapor that is created from every drag. It feels the most like smoking a real cigarette out of every brand I have tried. My favorite time to use it is in the car on trips when I am bored. It gives me something to do besides eating junk food, and whenever I get to my destination I do not wreak of cigarette smoke. My friends who do not smoke love that I have my e-cig because it means I don’t have to go out side and away from the party but can stay and socialize without giving anyone second hand smoke. I love the different flavors, but espresso and strawberry are my favorite. Delicious! Also, I definitely recommend getting the two year warranty, accidents happen and it is a relief to know that I can have my ecigs replaced free of charge if said accidents happen. Also, White Cloud has the BEST Customer Service around. Great Company, Great Product.

  11. Love the White Cloud E smoke. I have tried 2 other types of e cig and the ease of use, flavor and look of this cig is by far the best for me. I quit “real” cigarettes 2 years ago and with White Cloud I can go incognito, most people don”t realize it is not a real cigarette and when they discover that it is an e cig every one has a million questions. I am a light smoker and can grab a quick puff and be satisfied so the fact that I can have this in my pocket and not need a lighter or ashtray is so nice.
    I have only needed customer service once and it was a great experience. no problems at all and I got my questions answered. The price is the only thing with this cig but I just bucked up and did it and am happy to be a non-smoker now.

  12. My White Cloud E Cigarettes look great, I love the little jackets I can change the look of them when ever I want to match what I’m wearing, that is besides the perfect minty flavor, from the very first time I used it I loved it!!

  13. I was a smoker for 15 years before converting to Ecigs a year ago. I have tried several different brands in an effort to find a quality product. White Cloud has, by far, the highest quality batteries and flavor cartridges that I have tried to date. The starter kits are a little higher priced, but just like everything else, you get what you pay for. The batteries have extended charge time with the 3x giving 600 puffs per charge. The flavor cartridges have amazing vapor production and flavor! White Cloud has also recently added several new exotic cartridge flavors. If you are serious about Ecigs, it is absolutely worth your time to try White Cloud!

  14. I was smoking for 5 years, almost a pack EVERYDAY. I was finally fed up with going to the store everyday, the nasty smell of ciggs and having to go outside when i wanted to smoke.So i purchased a White Cloud and it was the best decision Ive ever made! I love how smooth it is & the flavors are awesome! the switch was really easy! I am soooo happy about the decision i made to purchase a White CLoud

  15. After researching several brands of e-cigs I purchased a White Cloud starter kit about eighteen months ago. My experience has been great! I never regretted paying for a more premium product and probably saved money but not shelling out for lesser brands and then switching over. Their flavors are great(try the Espresso)and come in multiple strengths. The customer service department is top notch and the cartridge pricing, vapor quality and quick shipping all add up to me being a very satisfied customer.

  16. I have been a regular user of white cloud products since 12/2011. I tried many other brands which were just ok. I was curious about white cloud when I saw their kiosk at a mall I frequent. After much discussion with the represenitive there, I decided to just go for it. To my amazement this brand of ecig was exactly what I was searching for. The quality, taste, and ease of just stopping by to buy more products was well worth it. Oh, and the extra warranty is worth it also. I had a defect in one battery and they replaced it with no questions, no hassles!

  17. When I went looking for an ecigarette, I was prompted by a workplace policy that prevented smoking on site–I mean within two miles, not in your car if its in the lot–nothing. Naturally I flipped out–I tried so many of the brands, the ones in the gas stations, the liquid ones, some blue garbage, and then I found white cloud. At first, the investment seemed steep compared to other brands, but in this case, I found you REALLY do get what you pay for. I couldnt find something that satisfied every physical dependency I had on cigarettes, either I couldnt feel the burn, I couldnt see the vapor, or the taste wasnt dirty enough. This hit every spot. So I bought it just for use at work about two years ago. Id take my little pack of nic-fix with me in the morning and light up right after my shift was over–well after I was well off the lot. I’m not sure when it happened, but eventually I stopped going for the real ones after work, the nicotine fix was such that, I didnt even crave one. Over about a year, I completely stopped smoking the real things. I cant even stand the smell of one. I feel so much better, I smell so much better, and I try to tell everyone about this-dont look at it like you are trying to quit–you set yourself up for failure–look at it as someone trying to lose weight does a slim fast–something to tide you over until you can pick up the chocolate shake.–eventually, you forget all about it. Its the best thing I never meant to stick with. Now I just pray they go out of business. Ever.

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